Steelwool scourers LABICO

Steelwool scourers LABICO
Steelwool cleaning scourers

Our long year experience in the field of wires and our specialisation in the field of steelwool are allowing us to offer your steelwool products that can satsify the needs from the buliding sector professionals up to the household lady.

Our steelwool is high quality and is offered in various shapes and thicknesses. Depending on the thickness of the steel wool fiber you decide the application and the surface you can use it on.

You can find below some of the cases we suggest you to use it:

  • For wood: For polishing and finishing on wooden furniture. It can be used before varnishing or polishing cream and removes residues from paint or imperfections.
  • For metal surfaces: Remove rust, grease from tools, grilles and cookware without scratching the surface. It also cleans metallic parts of car engines, removes salts, purees and stains from stainless steel sanitary ware.
  • For glass: Remove residues from glue, silicone, varnishes and other non-marking materials!
  • For floors: Remove residues from cement, stucco, or glue from the floor, and clean effective tiles and joints.

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