Dry sponge cloth LABICO

Dry sponge cloth LABICO
  • Dry sponge cloth LABICO
  • 	Dry sponge cloth LABICO
Dry sponge cloth for cleaning

The dry sponge-cloth, is the ideal solution for surface cleaning, for rapid fluid absorbency and for stains removal with or without detergents assistance.

It absorbs bacteria and germs optimally and transfers these to the dirty water. The sponge cloth can be used several times on every round of cleaning by folding it repeatedly. The straight creasing edge enables smear-free and uniform cleaning.

It absorbs 4lt/sqm of fluid and when wet it can be stretched more than 20% of its original size

The sponge cloth is produced from 100% regenerable fibers. It is a result of mixed viscose(from cellulose) and cotton fibers. The raw material used is allowing the cloth to biodegrade and rot naturally.
Before first use, soak it into the water and it is ready for use.

If needed it can be washed inside the washing machine to 95C or simply use a new one.
It is offered bulk or packed, in different dimensions depending on the needs of the professional and the housewife.

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