Microfiber wipes LABICO ULTRA

Microfiber wipes LABICO ULTRA
  • Microfiber cloth general use LABICO
  • Microfiber wipe yellow LABICO
  • Microfiber wipe orange LABICO
  • Microfiber wipe blue LABICO
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  • Microfiber wipe green LABICO
Microfiber wipes for general use LABICO ULTRA

Microfiber yarn is produced by the composition of polyester and polyamide fibers, and they are less than ½ of fine silk diameter, 1/3 of cotton yarn diameter, ¼ of wool yarn diameter and 1/100 of human hair diameter.

They absorb dust even from the most inaccessible places, leaving no trace.
They offer great fluid absorption while drying quickly. The microfibers are very soft and therefore do not injure the area they clean.
No special cleaners are needed when using them, just water is fine.

You can use them at home, in the car, in the office, in industry, in optical appliances, in furniture, and in offices.
Also on windows, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces, etc. with a damp cloth or spray with water and dry with a damp cloth.
The microfiber duster can be used over 2,000 times.
Can be washed in up to 90˚C.

PROFILE: Does not want emollients, bleach and ironing.


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