Microfiber glass polishing cloth

Microfiber glass polishing cloth
Microfiber glass polishing cloth LABICO, dimensions 30x36 cm - 2 pcs set

The microfiber glass polishing cloth LABICO 30x36 cm is ideal for the cleaning of all drinking glasses, windows, mirrors, and other surfaces.

Can be used:

  • For all smooth surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, glass surfaces
  • For cleaning glass and any kind of non-porous surface, such as crystal
  • For household or commercial cleaning. It has the perfect size for use in kitchens for drying utensils and dishes and for shine without traces.
  • For window cleaning
  • It also works great on car windshields
  • Another application is on large screens such as TVs or computers.

How to use:

  • For dry or damp use
  • You may just add some water, as detergents aren't needed
  • Its honeycomb texture removes all water spots, smudges, or greasy points 
  • It doesn't scratch
  • ATTENTION: Machine wash on delicate cycle, NO fabric softener, air dry or tumble dry on low

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 30x36 cm
  • Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
  • Weight: 320gr/m2
  • 2 pcs set
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